Worship Council

Worship Council

Our Worship Council consists of children from Year 1 to Year 6. They meet with the Headteacher or Vicar regularly to evaluate and discuss collective worship. They also help shape the term’s theme by suggesting questions that they would like to be answered and then bring the ideas to and from their classes. We call this the ‘Big Questions’ of the theme and they are based around the 4 areas of spirituality:

  • Ourselves – How does the theme relate to us?
  • Others – How does the theme effect other people?
  • The World – How does the topic relate to the wider world?
  • Beyond – What links and questions are there to wider aspects of spirituality, including God?

Our current Worship Council members are below

Collective Worship and Prayer

We have a daily act of collective worship, which is led by the Headteacher, teachers, our Vicar or children. When we do not have Covid restrictions we meet together in our school hall or in the adjoining church. It is great having the church so close and we often invite our parents for special services such as at Harvest, Christmas and Easter.

Collective worship uses an approach of learning, reflecting and responding to a theme using the idea of windows, mirrors and doors:

Windows - learning about an area or subject
Mirrors - reflecting what the learning means to them
Doors - responding to the ideas by changing their thoughts/ideas/lives, sometimes through prayer

Children have the opportunity to learn about prayer and if they wish, read and write prayers during collective worship and at other times.

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